About me…

Born in Switzerland, in the southern part of it.

On my 5th birthday my dad took me to top of a small mountain near to Italy. I remember this foggy day as my first ascent on a mountain top. Since then I could enjoy the feeling of being on the top many times. Small or big, easy or difficult for me it is my life. Hiking on a cold winter day or climbing alone on a bigger mountain are for me the most rewarding outdoor activities.
On the professional side, I graduated as engineer and, after a couple of years spent in Zurich to learn german, I got the chance of more than 20 years traveling around the world. Business trip of course, but still interesting and mind opening. Was not always easy but…if I had to choose again my professional life, I would certainly choose the same.

It should be when I was around 10 that I got my first camera. Since then I always carry my camera with me. First photography fundamentals I’ve got from dad. At this time we use to go hiking every weekend and we shoot mainly landscapes and few pictures of ourself. Since end of 90 I bought a camera to attach on my telescope. It was my first DSLR.